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Lounge Satellite Beanbag OUTDOOR

Lounge Satellite Beanbag OUTDOOR

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Lounge Satellite® is a modern and mature version of the classic beanbag.

Like a regular beanbag it is filled with EPS beads, but it has an opening in the botton. Making it possible to regulate the softness of the chair by removing or adding beads.

You can leave it out all year round, since it is both water- and stain repellent, and doesn’t fade in the sun.

Danish design - Produced in the EU

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 90 × 70 × 86 cm
Color Beige, Graphite, Grey, Taupe
Seat height 40 cm
MaterialSunbrella Plus
Filling EPS beads – 25% recycled

  • Discription

    Comes in four timeless and classic colors.
    The material; Sunbrella Plus is water repellant, as well as UV- and fade-resistant. It can be left outside all year round – so no need for an extra storage place. This makes it suitable for smaller living spaces as well. 

    Produced in the EU.

    ColorBeige, Graphite, Grey, Taupe
    Material Sunbrella Plus
    FillingEPS beads – 25% recycled



    NOTE: Over time, filling of the product may be compressed during use. Refill with EPS beads may therefore be necessary from time to time. Refill bags are available here: TRIMM EPS beads

    When receiving your new outdoor products, you might experience light marks on the fabric surface. This is residue from the back coating of the fabric and is a part of the overall expression of the furniture. It will however fade out and disappear over time and when used regularly.

    General cleaning:

    • Brush off loose dirt or use a vacuum cleaner
    • Hose down fabric thoroughly and prepare a cleaning solution of water and mild detergent (100°F/40°C)
    • Use a soft bristle brush to clean. Allow cleaning solution to soak into the fabric.
    • Be sure to rinse thoroughly to remove all soap residue.
    • Allow Sunbrella to air dry only.

    Please see our guide for more cleaning details

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