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Enjoy the sauna
in Your Garden

With an Outdoor SAUNA - your don't have to heat the pool, you and your family and friends can enjoy the pool all year unheated.

You find the right spot for your new Outdoor SAUNA, made in EU. It's flexible, moveable, find a spot with a view, close to the outdoor pool, showers, cold bath or the sea, and enjoy Outdoor SAUNA with a VIEW.

We represent 3 good SAUNA manufactors in EU - see the PRIVATE MODELS by clicking HERE 

We look forward to assist with more information and details in order to find the best possible style, size, price and solution for your outdoor life all year round. Please feel free to contact me for more information, you are welcome to call or text by WhatsApp (+34) 696 933260 & email

best regards
Kim Sandby


Photo credit: Jardins de Tramuntana

ICEBATH Mallorca from ODIN

Photo credit: HeartWoodSauna



in your garden?

Because you LOVE sauna.

Because you want an even more Healthy Lifestyle.

Because you already have a lovely piece of land/garden, and you want to enjoy it all year. 

Because you have outdoor bath, or pool - but in the winter time you dont use it even though you spend time and money on maintenance all year.

Because you have a Holiday Finca and want more clients in the LOW season, or you want to update the Finca for a different type of Clients/Guests.

Because you work with natural treatments or YOGA retreats and want to add more treatments. ENJOY life with and OUTDOOR sauna with your clients.

For centuries the SAUNA has been a place for cleansing both body and mind.

Sauna is good for everybody. It relieves stress and has many proven health benefits. Only newborn babies and people with serious health conditions (like open wounds or heart problems) should avoid sauna. Everyone else can enjoy it with no worries


It is a place for physical and mental cleansing. Many even suggest one should behave in a sauna as they would in church – just kick back and take it easy.

Relax and socialise - In the sauna everyone is equal
Breathe, clear your mind enjoy the moment

Enjoy the Outdoor Sauna & your pool all year.


in the nature

Good design and craftmanship. 
Capacity: for 2-12 people.

All Saunas are individually taylormade.
Together we find the best solution for you.

HearWoodSaunaDSC09724 (1).jpg

Photo credit: HeartWoodSauna

Photo credit: Jardins de Tramuntana

the view

of Isla Bonita Mallorca

With an OUTDOOR SAUNA your family and friends will enjoy the pool without heating - also in the winter.

More about


Are you interested?
Do you have any questions ?

Lets meet and talk about the possibilities for you, lets do the math together.

Please contact me for an appointment

Best regards
Kim Sandby 

WhatsApp (+34) 696 933 260

No worries - Be Happy:
Kim Sandby KAYnBEE

All Saunas and Baths are made for you in the factories. Plug and Play. Ready for delivery. 

After a visit/inspection, we together find out what is needed regarding the delivery and installation for each product.

So once you have decided to buy one of our Outdoor Saunas/Baths, you dont have think about anything. 

We and our team of experts will help and assist you with all practicalities such as possible Foundation, Installation, Measurements, Electric cable, Wifi, Plumbing, Crane-lifting etc etc..

You only to have to focus on relaxing and enjoying your new Outdoor Sauna/Bath. We can take care of everything else.

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