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KAYnBEE is a multi-brand business,
a feel-good universe, a lifestyle.

Our vision is to inspire others to HYGGE - to live a great & Healthy life, surrounded by quality that is sustainable thus making memories last forever.
We strongly believe
In diversity by bringing together events and durable products as well as great services on time.
and YES we are Danish, born and raised on the island Sjælland,
not far from Copenhagen the capital in Denmark.

We bring tons of experience from the TOY industry and HORECA, we worked with design, taste, production and events for more that 25 years... its a lifestyle for us, we never count the hours.

We LOVE island living and GOOD wheather - in june 2019 we moved to
Mallorca to continue the good life here. We do what we LOVE,
 and LOVE what we do.  

Let's meet, so YOU can see, hear, touch, feel and get a taste of the products we work with.
For more information just click HERE, we look forward to be hearing from you.

Best regards
Kim Sandby Jorgensen
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