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Refill of EPS beads if you need to refill one of your TRIMM products.  Over time, filling of the TRIMM lounge furniture may be compressed during use. Refill with EPS beads may therefore be necessary from time to time.

Our EPS bullets is the same quality as the ones you have inside already. The furniture are made with an opening underneath it, making i easy to refill og remove the beads. There is a velcro/zipper into the beads and then a velcro closure at the outer end.

We use the beads in Tiny Moon, Full Moon, Satellite 48, Satellite 68, Satellite 78, Half Moon, Felix Lounger, Felix Cushion, Arm-Strong Chair, Arm-Strong Sofa, Arm-Strong Pouf, Tiny Moon Leather, Satellite 48 leather, Satellite 68 Leather, Satellite 78 Leather, Lounge Satellite, Rocket Daybed and Mini Rocket.

We use beads because the furniture can then adjust to the body that sits in the furniture. By using this, you feel the furniture warm around you, when you sit in it. Notice that the beads might be compressed over time. So you might need to refill the furniture a bit. You can add or remove the beads, so it the perfect hardness for you. One package consist of 50L beads. It is used inside almost all of our lounge furniture.

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