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Satellite 48/68/78 Stool NOAH INDOOR

Satellite 48/68/78 Stool NOAH INDOOR

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Satellite NOAH is a luxurious, high-quality beanbag stool for indoor use, made with 100% recycled fabric. Satellite Stool comes in 3 sizes48 & 68 & 78 cm.

78 is a super size as a BAR chair, in the kitchen, homeoffice and of course in a BAR.
68 is the perfect size for dinning table, desk....  and the 48 has multifunctional qualities and will be a perfect addition to the living room, kids’ room, or teenage room. Choose between four classic colors.

NOAH is a luxurious, high-quality stool for indoor use, made with 100% recycled fabric.
The sustainable choice when picking furniture for your home - designed in Denmark by Rikke Gjørlund the founder of Trimm Copenhagen.

A luxury indoor beanbag lounge furniture with multifunctional purposes. You can easily move it around because of the lightweight of the products and use it for different purposes depending on the occasion. The filling of EPS beads has an isolating effect and gives great support and comfort when you sit on/in the furniture. You can open the inner bag and adjust the softness of the pouf by adding or removing EPS beads. 

The canvas-like surface of the fabric look amazing and gives it a softness and breathable comfort,  while still being incredibly durable, and you can remove the cover and wash it in the machine.

The NOAH fabric is made entirely out of PES Bottles and polyester straps, which makes it very durable. While still having a breathable comfort and softness to it. 

NOAH a recycled collection in 4 good colors.

Danish design - Produced in the EU

78= Weight 3 kg, Dimensions 55 × 55 × 78 cm, seat 65 cm
68= Weight 2 kg, Dimensions 55 × 55 × 68 cm, seat 55 cm
48= Weight 1 kg Dimensions 55 × 55 × 48 cm, seat 35 cm

Material Recycled NOAH
Filling EPS beads – 25% recycled
Color Coffee, Sand, Stone, White

NOAH Color