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Stay COOL even on a HOT DAY - Exposure to cold water can stimulate vasoconstriction (narrowing of blood vessels) followed by vasodilation (widening of blood vessels) when warming up.

This process may enhance overall blood circulation.

There are many benefits to these products,

so don't  hesitate to contact me for more information.

You don't have to be a Viking, penguin, or polar bear

to enjoy a cold bath. After 8 days in Mallorca in July-August, many of us just feel like traveling to the cooler north.

Yours, in HYGGE, Health & Happiness
Kim Sandby


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The story behind ODIN Plunge

Jono James is the inventor of the Odin Ice Bath and Hot Tubs. Jono was born with Cystic Fibrosis and it has effected every hour of every day of his life.

Thanks to his parents fight to keep him alive he is as healthy as a normal person at 35. His parents taught him that health isn’t just what we put in our body, but the environment we’re in, our psychology/mindset and a myriad of other things.

One of the things that has really helped Jono battles the odds has been the use of sauna and Ice Bath together with breathing exercises. He does it every day and it has helped immensely. Not just physically, but mentally as well.

After discovering the "Wim Hof method" he got obsessed with ice baths and after seeing that there weren’t that many good, affordable solutions on the market, he decided to make his own. Hence the birth of the Odin Plunge.

For Mallorca KAYnBEE proudly presents

ODIN Platinum

Latest generation of ODIN Plunges are the ODIN Platinums. A model that can change over night between an Ice Bath & a Hot Tub.
From 0 degrees to 40 degrees.

We have decided to carry 2 different sizes. One that fits 1-2 people and one that fits up to 6 people.

ODIN Platinum comes in 3 colours.
Classic Red Cedar, Accoya Grey and ODIN Black, our Japanese Yakisugi ban treatment which chars the wood, providing protection from the elements and a beautiful aesthetic.


is a great way to cool down and maintain a normal body temperature, especially during the hot summer months. Even in colder months, ICE BATHs can still be beneficial for treatment purposes. Consider incorporating ICE BATHs alongside outdoor sauna sessions throughout the year for added benefits.


Indulge in your HOT TUB, especially during the months from October to May – autumn and winter, when mornings and evenings can be chilly or even cold. Utilize it as a personal retreat or share the experience with family and friends. For health benefits, pair it with cold showers or a refreshing winter pool. Picture yourself in your lovely garden or on your rooftop, basking in up to 40 degrees of warm water while enjoying the view.

ODIN Platinum Latest generation of ODIN Plunges are the ODIN Platinums. A model that can change over night between an Ice Bath & a Hot Tub.

From 0 to 40ºC.

Equipped with a filtration system to clean and keep the water crystal clear.
No need to plumb it in - Simply fill up, plug in and set your temperature on the app!

Whirlpool technology which transforms the Odin into a swirling vortex of cold or hot water attacking every part of you.

Insulated lockable spa lid included in all ODIN models! 


ENJOY and feel the stress relief, muscle relaxation, it also brings down swelling, improve your sleep, help to loosen joints and reduce pain, better cardiovas-cular health, improved insulin sensitivity, calorie burn, vause your skin to release endorphins and promote healthier and younger-looking skin....

thoughts from ODIN

The Most Intense and Customisable

The Odin Platinum has patent pending Whirlpool technology which transforms the Odin into a swirling vortex of cold water attacking every part of you. We do this with the combination of several jets surrounding the participant and a controllable spa pump which can increase and decrease the flow of water against the skin. Much like wind chill in air, this “water chill” makes the cold water many times more intense. Making the Odin the most intense ice bath on the market.

The Quietest

Using multiple smaller fans, engineered design and effective sound proofing, the Odin will be among the quietest ice baths in the world. Allowing you to peacefully get in that zen state while you’re experiencing the healing of cold water.

The Most Comfortable

The Odin Platinum has been designed to support the back in a very comfortable position. In addition to the pillow headrest, the Odin is the most comfortable on the market!

The Most Beautiful

We’ve designed the Odin to house all of the components under the tub or behind the backrest. Meaning the Odin looks the same from the front and back. No step, no external chiller, no vents. Just beauty from all angles.

The Most Compact

By hiding the components in the backrest and underneath we have made the Odin the most compact ice bath for its volume. This makes it easier to transport and move, and allows the maximum amount of bath area with the smallest footprint.

The Most Tech

The Odin has the most tech of any ice bath on the planet. Use your app to control the Odin using wifi from anywhere in the world. Have this connect to your sauna and red light therapy lamps. View the temperature of the bath from the projector underneath onto the floor. Increase/decrease the intensity of the bath using the app to control water flow.

The Cleanest and Safest

The Odin uses ozone and optional UV to keep the water crystal clear on autopilot. But we have gone one step further with the implementation of an ozone mixing chamber. Ozone is a molecule which produces incredible disinfection capabilities. But it’s only transportable in air. So the use of a venturi creates air bubbles which transport the Ozone into the water. Traditional systems which just use a venturi suffer because the bubbles are larger and the contact with the water is too brief, leading to much less ozone being diffused into the water and instead expelled into the air above the water in the tub. This can cause unwanted smells and can actually be harmful. Using a mixing chamber the ozone is diffused into much smaller bubbles so more can get to work and kill bacteria. The ozone can be used more efficiently and effectively and there are fewer side effects.

The Most Grounded

Grounding or earthing is the connection of the body to the earth which allows negatively charged ions flow out of us into the earth. The Odin has 23m of copper wrapped around each tub plus a 4mm copper grounding wire. Meaning the Odin is the most electrically grounded ice bath on the planet!

The Only True Ice Bath That Heats

The Odin Platinum is the only true ice bath in the world that heats and cools. Allowing you to set it from 0-40 at the click of a button.

The Most Patented Design and Technologies

Every aspect of the design is either patented or provisionally patented. So you can ensure that the Odin stays completely unique and will always be the best.


The Story
Tubmarine founder Chris Galley has worked tirelessly since 2013 with the best engineers and suppliers throughout the UK and Europe to perfect the product and create Ice Baths and Hot Tubs which combine expert engineering and craftsmanship, quality eco-friendly parts and materials as well as stunning design.

Tubmarine Ltd is a Carbon Neutral Organisation


Handmade Stainless Steel Ice Bath or Hot Tub.

One model for either Ice Bath or Hot Tub.

Color options are Stainless Steel, Grey and Stone. 

Kebony Timber. Guaranteed long life.

Made from sustainable fast-growing soft woods.

No additional wood treatment required

TubMarine Ice Bath Product information:

External dims 2038mm x 1042mm x 1015mm

Internal dims 1150mm x 750mm

Water volume 400 ltr

High-quality Italian chiller system

Multiple exterior colour options

316 stainless steel on interior surfaces

Thermostatically controlled down to 5℃

High spec eco-friendly Kebony timber

Easy fast-drain valve

Cover included

2-5-year guarantee

Stainless steel “316" 

Corrosion resistant

100% fully recyclable


So to recap, the main benefits of this product are:

Guaranteed long life

Low maintenance

High resistance
Safe & toxin-free


Made from sustainable resources

Quality finish

80% recyclable materials and
Fabricated in the UK by highly skill craftsmen.

ICE BATH Benefits & Features

Boosts your immune system

Reduce anxiety and depression

Improve your mood

Improve your blood circulation

Speed up your metabolism

Sleep better

Reduce chronic pain

Immune system support

Lower inflammation

Reduce muscle soreness

Boost performance

Boost in energy

With Cold Water Therapy you boost your immune system. Reduce anxiety and depression. Improve your mood. Improve your circulation. Speed up your metabolism and you sleep better....

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TUBMARINE - Ice Bath Founder Chris_edite
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