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Full Moon Leather Pouf INDOOR

Full Moon Leather Pouf INDOOR

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Full Moon Leather is a multifunctional pouf in a simple design, a rethinking of the traditional Maroccan cushion. Full Moon has a stable and solid form and it is easy to move around. Add our Terrazzo tray and use it as a table.

Danish design - Produced in the EU

Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 115 × 40 cm
Color Black, Cognac, Nature
Material Leather
Filling EPS beads – 25% recycled

Leather color
  • Discription

    The Full Moon Leather Pouf is a multifunctional pouf in a simple design, a scandinavian rethinking of the traditional Maroccan cushion. You can easily move it around, because of the light weight and a smart handle.

    The pouf comes in three different colours, Nature, Cognac and Black. If you add our Terrazzo tray, you can use Tiny Moon as a table. Or you can just use it as an extra seating.

    The Terrazzo Tray is a stylish, elegant set and together they make a beautiful small table for the indoor living area. The Terrazzo Tray comes in two colours, white and black.

    The Leather Pouf has with its scandinavian look, focus on the simpel aesthetics and details. The seams are all in white, to really highlight the details. This gives the furniture a very modern look.

    This set is a perfect match for either one of our lounge furniture, if used indoor. If matched with other leather furniture it could be either, the Cocoon Hang Chair Leather, Satellite Leather 48, 68 or 78.


    Leather products are only for indoor use. Wash regularly with a damp cloth. Maintain with a cleaner specifically for leather. Over time, the EPS filling of the leather beanbags may flatten and extra filling can be necessary.

    For more care and cleaning of the leather products, please find information here

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