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Metal Stand for Cocoon Hang Chair

Metal Stand for Cocoon Hang Chair

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Cocoon Hang Chair Stand® is a unique and luxurious metal frame for indoor and outdoor use.

The stand is made of powder-coated stainless steel. If you do not have a house wall, beam, or a tree to hang your Cocoon Chair, then the Cocoon stand is the perfect solution.


The unique stand allows you to hang your Cocoon chair anywhere in your garden, or inside your home.


Danish Design - Produced in the EU.

Please NOTE that this product does not include the Cocoon chair.


Metal color
  • Description


    Outdoor Cocoon Hang Chair is a luxurious outdoor hanging chair, with a simple Scandinavian design. It consists of an aluminum frame creating a light and beautiful look, and a removable fabric cover made of Sunbrella Plus® attached with velcro. This makes it possible to clean the cover separately and even exchange the cover for another color or material.

    Mount the chair in a tree, beam, or if you have a ceiling to your terrace. Always contact your local hardware store about mounting the chair correctly and safely. You can also use the Cocoon Stand, which makes it possible to place the Cocoon Hang Chair anywhere.

    When you sit in the chair, you feel embraced by the walls of the cocoon and still, you have a free view of the sky as if you were flying. The round shape gives it an informal, yet sophisticated expression, that will benefit any terrace, garden, or other outdoor areas. Combine with our outdoor cushions to give the chair a personal touch and maximize comfort.

    The material; Sunbrella Plus is water repellant, as well as UV- and fade-resistant. It can be left outside all year round – so no need for an extra storage place. This makes it suitable for both large homes and smaller living spaces. 

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