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GET A Free meeting at your place, it's all about How to design, Produce and deliver the best Outdoor PRODUCTS for you, your Family or YOUR GUEST's

enjoy island living


I look forward to MEET YOU and see your place here on Isla Bonita Mallorca

Hola, I am Kim Sandby Jorgensen, co-founder of K&B and LK SL. born in Denmark living in Mallora full time since 2019. Because I just LOVE outdoor ISLAND LIVING it's natural for me to find the BEST products for both SUMMER & WINTER. 
We have products for your private apartment, finca and for your holiday house, hotel, spa etc.

on this VISIT - we will cover


I want a meeting about OUTDOOR PRODUCTS.
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Thanks for your interest in a meeting.
We will contact you asap.

Best regards 
Kim Sandby Jorgensen

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